Patent Prosecution

patent-prosecution-attorney-atlanta-technology-lawAtlanta Technology Law’s objective is to help clients protect their innovations through patents, to enable them to use their own innovations freely and to maximize the revenue generated by their products and processes.  Our firm draws from a wealth of knowledge and experience working with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). This enables us to analyze technical and legal issues efficiently and effectively, and to present the most persuasive case on behalf of our clients.

We provide a full range of patent prosecution related services to fulfill these objectives, including:

  • Conducting patentability studies.
  • Preparing and prosecuting patent applications.
  • Correcting errors in issued patents through reexamination and reissue proceedings.

Prosecuting inter partes review and post grant review proceedings. Our Firm understands the importance of discussions with Patent Examiners in overcoming the communication barriers often created by written documents attempting to present objections and convincingly express arguments. We routinely conduct meetings with Patent Examiners to crystallize, and many times resolve, the issues present in patent applications. We regularly communicate with USPTO administrative staff to keep a patent application moving smoothly through the labyrinth of the USPTO from the date of filing to the date of patent issuance and beyond.

To address patent disputes after issuance of a patent, we counsel our clients on post-issuance practice including reissue applications, reexamination proceedings and the use of inter partes review and post grant review proceedings.

In addition to our domestic practice, we act as a US representative on behalf of international clients. Much of this foreign originated application work requires revisions to existing foreign patent applications prior to filing and prosecution, and in depth prior counseling is provided with particular regard to possible exploitation in Europe and Asia.

In many cases, we provide detailed commentary to the client regarding office actions received from the USPTO and our recommendations for responding to the office actions. The extent of our commentary and recommendations throughout the patent process is tailored to the particular client’s desired approach.

The combination of our dedication to high quality work, our technical expertise, and our USPTO, industry and patent prosecution experience provides our clients with unparalleled patent prosecution and counseling services and value.